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Hello, Parents and Families,

Thank you for your interest and investment in this wonderful institution. The administration, teachers and staff are honored to have your child/children be part of the Mineral Springs Christian School student body. We are committed to providing each student an excellent academic program along with opportunities to grow spiritually, physically, and socially by integrating biblical principles into their lives. Our curriculum is designed to help each young person achieve his or her potential without undue pressure that would result in frustration.

We will endeavor to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning and social development, to give each student the ability to discern truth from error, and to teach the fundamental skills of reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, and other disciplines of learning. Our objective is to provide opportunities for young people to develop into strong Christian leaders who will be able to take their place in our society and to stand for that which is morally and spiritually right. We not only want to teach the student how to make a living – but also how to live!